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                宠物训练有多重要?Is dog training important?







                Lots of people are just too attracted by their pets cute looks and started their lives as “Doggy parents” or “Kitty Parents”


                If you’re only giving them food and shelter, you haven’t done your job right

                Without scientific training, they might end up being your biggest nightmare








                Training for pets can be done at home by the “parents”

                Or sent to training schools for more professional guidance

                Let’s use dogs as examples and see what are the must knows for training them





                What is training?

                      A common perception of training is teaching the dog how to sit, shake hands, wait and some other skills or talents. Training is actually life. You are actually constantly training your dog, and the also the other way around.

                       From living with you, dogs will learn to observe your behaviors. They would know what your moves mean and what would come next, or even consequences. They would try to “train” you so so YOU would do what he wants.



                -   当你在拿狗狗的食物的时候,他们会牢牢的跟在你后面、特别开心的上跳下窜、或者用撒娇的眼神盯着你

                -   在门旁边等着你,当你作出任何要出门的情境(换衣服裤子、拿钥匙、拿牵引工具等),狗狗就开始激动兴奋

                -   狗狗寻求关注时会吠叫

                       When dogs learn, they often learn by association and consequence. Some of the following scenarios are present when they are trying to train you:

                -        Whenever you are getting their food or treat, they give you the puppy eyes, follow you around, or jump around happily

                -         Sitting by the door and look super excited when you are getting dressed or getting your keys

                -        Barking whenever they want your attention




                      Under these circumstances, you or your dog, are training each other, without you realizing it.

                      Dogs are normally capable of being trained of basic skills by two months. Puppies are actually easier to train than full-grown dogs. Some of the easier skills that can be done in a family setting:



                名字认同感  Name Recognition


                Repeatedly call out the dogs name, when the dog looks at you, encourage them; if they don’t pay attention to you, use toys or food to direct their attention back to you and then give encouragements. Dogs are very smart, they would be able to form an association of their name and the command and therefore be able to recognize their name.



                训练狗狗不咬人  Biting Behaviors



                As an owner, allowing your dog to bite or tear things at home might increase their possibility of biting human. Therefore, whenever dogs start to bite, you would have to tell them it is wrong. You would have to immediately scold your dog or hold on to his chin and do so. At the same time you could also roll magazines or newspapers to hit the floor to create loud sounds. After scolding the dog, the dog will be quite and tamed, this is the time that you should reward them for doing so. Dogs might be alert or afraid when they see strangers. Asking friends to help the dog get use to strangers and decrease their fears towards strangers.


                 禁吠训练  Barking Behaviors





                There are many reasons why a dog would bark, maybe for the owners attention, maybe they just want to play, or any other reasons. Whenever the dogs want to play they would “nag” you, sometimes even do unexpected things to gain that attention. In order for them to stop doing so is to ignore them, move away from them, and don’t make eye contact. They would feel bored and go back to playing with their own toys. Some dogs even “sing” when they are bored, it gets a bit unbearable sometimes. They might be too energetic and the best way to solve it is to play with them and use up their energy. Another solution is ringing a bell whenever the dog barks. When the dog comes running to you and stops barking, give him a treat. By conditioning the dog this way, they would stop barking when they hear the bell. This has been tested by a animal psychologist.


                Through the basic information above, parents must have a better understanding about how to train dogs. In the meantime, searching online and asking advise from friends that owns dogs would be a good way to gain more knowledge on dog training. Pet training influences the pet’s whole life, as a parent you should spend more patience and time on your little baby pet. If you are often too busy, we have also included some references for training schools.

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