Boulter House during the Fall 2012 Campaign

I don’t have an official bucket list, but there is certainly a mental list of things I have always wanted to do.  Last fall I got the chance to take advantage of an opportunity that has survived on that mental list for nearly thirty years.  I “worked” on a presidential campaign, and when I say work I mean work hard for no pay.   I was assigned the very glamorous jobs of canvassing and data entry.   I worked most weekends between Labor Day and Election Day in a swing state in an area that was predicted to have the potential to decide the election.  An “insider’s” view of strategy, scheduling, persuasion, business and marketing of a presidential campaign from  a headquarters was a dream realized even though it was only in an entry level kind of way.  I had the pleasure of meeting some interesting people including  an 80 year old man who has worked for presidential candidates in every election since 1960!  The experience was as interesting and offered as much excitement as I could have hoped for in such a state of exhaustion.  One of the many bonuses was a Frank Lloyd Wright encounter.

One morning when I was uncharacteristically early and not completely worn out before I started,  I  fired up the ol’ Wright Finder app to see if there was an FLW nearby.  The Boulter House popped up and it was near enough for a little side adventure before reporting for my shift.  I was able to get some phone snapshots of the Boulter House at 1 Rawson Woods Circle in Cincinnati.  My photos were terrible and don’t showcase the FLW appeal, but the familiar appeal  was certainly there and can be better viewed at wrightboulter.com The house offered me a reminder of the responsibilities and judgments a homeowner accepts when they buy a Wright.  The expense to maintain the properties is incredibly high while the maintenance required is subject to so much outside scrutiny.  I truly admire the folks willing to take it all on.




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