Hoffman Auto Showroom and NYC

When my April copy of  the eBytes Newsletter arrived from the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy, like every good Wright geek, I waited to open it until after work when I was comfortably seated on my sofa with a fresh cocktail in hand ready to relax and savor every photo and ponder each section.I nearly spilled my drink when I saw the headline “Hoffman Auto Showroom Is Gone.”

Mr. Wine and I visited NYC in November 2012 to celebrate his birthday.When he asked if there was anything that I wanted to be sure to have on our itinerary I told him that I wanted to visit the Hoffman Auto Showroom, which I had never seen, and sent him the info.I feel so fortunate that we went.The space didn’t WOW me and I didn’t  even bother to downloaded the photos until months later.Honestly I spotted a car I couldn’t take my eyes off and was completely smitten with it.I don’t like to admit that all too often I am that girl in front of whom you can flash something shiny and completely distract me from everything that is important. Now I feel sad that I didn’t pay more attention to the Wright.It was in New York, and I felt like I could always go back, absorb more and learn to appreciate it later.There are some places you feel like will always be there, and I was just certain this was one of them—available for further study on every visit to New York.

We made a long weekend of it, and some of the highlights included an afternoon in Central Park, MOMA,  a theatre night at The Book of Mormon, a MadMen walkabout, and drinks at a Brooklyn bar so cool and obscure that it doesn’t have a sign or number hanging above its well disguised door.

Last summer I picked up a copy of a book titled Service Included from Mr. Wine’s recently read and ready to be discarded pile.Since we had both read the book, a night at Per Se (the ultimate in fancy-schmancy) for Mr. Wine’s birthday seemed in order and by some miracle (according to the book, anyway) we were able to get a reservation.There is not a long review of each course or even mention of the food because about a third of the way into the meal, my body started rejecting all of the fanciness, I became seriously ill and spent most of our dinner in the ladies room. It never occurred to me that transitioning from a steady diet of  KFC and Taco Bell to an evening at Per Se might be problematic for my usually iron clad stomach.

We spent an afternoon at The Guggenheim, a favorite FLW and a spot I have visited on multiple occasions and assume will always be there to go back to and look at in a different way.The exhibit was black and white Picassos arranged in chronological order of the painting date.It was the most striking major art exhibit I have ever encountered—the volume of work, the order of display, and the uniqueness of the spiral presentation the Guggenheim offered made the entire display exciting.

Goodbye Hoffman Auto Showroom.I am glad I got to see you before you were gone.

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  1. I just returned home to Ottawa after a weekend in New York.
    I’ve been to the big city many times and each time I would walk by that showroom
    and peek in the window. It was often closed but last year I walked in and took some pictures.
    I’m so glad I did. This time I was utterly shocked to see it gone. At first I was disoriented by the covered windows, thinking I must be at the wrong intersection. I too thought that showroom would be there forever. I liked the fact that it was a little obscure. I enjoyed looking at it by myself away from the crowded parts of New York. I felt like it was my little secret. No one around me knew what it was.
    It’s a little ironic that the David Wright house in Phoenix was saved from the wreckers at the same time that this little gem was doomed.

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