Zimmerman & Kalil Houses—Manchester, NH

MAY 15, 2011

A quick, unscheduled trip to New England and Quebec gave me an unexpected opportunity to see two more Wrights—a pair of very different Usonian homes.
Zimmerman House (1950)
223 Heather Street, Manchester, NH 03104

Kalil House (1955)
117 Heather Street, Manchester, NH 03104

Zimmerman House is open to the public for tours, which regularly sell out on the weekends. Since there was no pre-planning for this trip, I had to take a wild guess about when I could get there, buy a ticket and hope I could make it. The only two things I reserved in advance of this weekend adventure (one day prior to my Thursday night departure to be exact) were a plane ticket and a ticket to see the Zimmerman house. To make a long story short I didn’t make it from Montreal to Manchester in time for the 11am Sunday tour, so a drive by is all I got. I tried calling the Currier Museum all morning to see if I could reschedule for the later tour, but since they print the incorrect phone number at the top of their receipt, that was not possible. I arrived shortly before the second and last tour of the day. The receptionist/ticket seller took no pity on me after hearing my story and would not let me go on the late tour as it was sold out. I was tired and hungry, so I did not make an attempt to buy a ticket from a local for a profit to them as my energetic, un-sleep-deprived self might have done.  Unfortunately, I do not plan to return to this city in the foreseeable future, so this opportunity was missed.  I shared the love with the Currier by spending zero dollars in their gift shop.

Neither of these houses were a disappointment. They are quite different and dissimilar from many I have seen. According to the Wright Building Conservancy website the Kalil house is presently for sale for cool $1.8 million. If only…

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