No Auldbrass Tour for FrankFanatic

I was certain this would be the year.  I researched the best flight and hotel options well in advance. I carefully noted the date and set calendar alerts for August 17, the day tour tickets went on sale.  Over the summer I visualized myself on the grounds of Auldbrass Plantation on the weekend of November 7-8, 2015.  I was in position right on time using both the internet and the telephone to try to get the tickets from the Beaufort County Open Land Trust at the moment they went on sale.  No luck. The elusive biennial Auldbrass tour ticket was not to be mine.

FrankFanatic welcomes a guest blogger to tell the story of the day.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy sent out a newsletter this morning right on the heels of the Auldbrass weekend.  The headline “Auldbrass: A Private Tour and Gourmet Dinner Party at Wright’s Southern Plantation, March 5, 2016″ made my heart nearly stop, maybe I wouldn’t have to wait until the Fall of 2017.  Then I scrolled down to the part where the $1,500 price tag was revealed. Ouch.

I have dried up my tears and started the anticipation for Auldbrass Tour 2017.


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