Freeman House, Hollywood, CA

AUGUST 28, 2014

I was still stretched out on Leah’s bed an hour after she went to work, when I decided to start planning my solo day in Los Angeles. I mentally weighed the beach against the race track and while I was still undecided, I checked my Wright Finder.  WHAT?!?!?!  The Samuel Freeman house at 1962 Glencoe Way was a half mile away, an eleven minute walk, from Leah’s bed at El Cerrito Place.


I jumped up, brushed my teeth, pulled my hair into a pony tail, put on some shoes, grabbed my camera and was out the door. What that map didn’t tell me was that this was eleven minutes in the Hollywood Hills. Uphill. On a sixty degree incline. In the blazing sun.

Frank Lloyd Wright Samuel Freeman House

It was immediately recognizable, a textile block house.



It was still worth it.  I don’t know how I missed this one until now. The house was given to USC’s School of Architecture by the Freeman’s in 1984.  The house was damaged by an earthquake in 2005.  A FEMA grant was used to stabilize the house, but there is no report that I can find of repairs and restoration being completed. USC’s website reports that grants have been obtained for the home’s restoration, which is underway and the plan is for it be a residence for distinguished visitors.  I think making a phone call to ask if writing four years worth of tuition checks to USC and being FrankFanatic makes me distinguished enough to get a glimpse of the living room the next time I am visiting. 😉

1962 Glencoe Way

Frank Lloyd Wright USC

 Saving Wright, a book by Jeffrey M. Chusid, was written about the struggle to save Wright’s Freeman House in the Hollywood Hills.  Note to Leah: This book would make an excellent gift for your mother, and shame on you for not knowing this is right down the street!


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