Hide and Seek in Oak Park

JULY 25, 2014

Follow the Kitten and Pick Three Punchie raced at Arlington Park on July 24 and 26 leaving a gap day between their entries but a perfect opportunity to see them both race in one trip. What to do with an extra day in Chicago… Oak Park, of course! Neither horse was a winner, but the weekend as a whole definitely was! With a game at Wrigley Field as a highlight, two days at Arlington, an afternoon in Oak Park, a night out at a blues club and perfect weather, the getaway was glorious.

I arrived in Oak Park without an FLW map thinking I would just wander around and take photos referring to my Wright Finder app and Google maps to find the Wrights. In hindsight that was not a good plan.  It was a gorgeous day to be out and about in Oak Park, and I enjoyed the day immensely even if my sightseeing wasn’t done in the most efficient way. The markers helped, but it was still a bit of a hide and seek game trying to locate the homes using the tools I brought.

At the top of the priority list for this visit was the Edwin Cheney house. I saw it in 2008 and wanted to see if the property was as I remembered. The design and build of this house were part of the story line in Loving Frank giving it a bit of infamy in my mind. I found it at 520 North East Avenue, and it was exactly as I remembered.

The tip from the trip is that there is a nice, clean public restroom in the corner of Scoville Park diagonally opposite the Horse Show Fountain.  Second best tip from the same location — a stop at Red Hen Bread at 736 Lake Street across from the Horse Show Fountain provides an experience in yumminess and a comfortable place to sit down, drink a coffee and recharge.

After I returned home I decided I would look for a map/guide for my next trip or make one if one wasn’t readily available. I found and downloaded the Illustrated Guide to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Architecture in Oak Park for $5 at allwrightoakparktours.com I will be sure to take it along on my next visit!

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