Two Wrights Don’t Make a Wrong

APRIL 23, 2014

I took a slight detour through Kankakee this week on my way to the Chicago suburbs. I wanted to see the Harley Bradley House. My trusty Wright Finder app presented me with a pleasant surprise when I noticed there was a second Wright in Kankakee. The fact that I checked is progress, since this is usually the sort of thing I learn after I get home! I walked all around the Bradley house appreciating its exterior. I arrived on a day when a tour had to be pre-scheduled and I did not have an appointment. With the beautiful weather and a tight schedule, I was perfectly satisfied walking the lawn taking pictures. When I was finished I re-checked the Wright Finder which indicated I was zero miles from the other house. Hmmmm…. I googled for an address that indicated it was on the same street–YAY!  I could walk there. The walk was short because the Hickox House was right next door to the Bradley House! Apparently, Mr. Hickox was Mrs. Bradley’s brother. Maybe I can get my family to discuss putting up a couple of FLW prairie style houses side by side!

Bradley House in Kankakee

Bradley House in Kankakee

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