The Long Way to Rosenbaum House


6 days, 2300 miles, an earthquake, 2 horses, 9 states and a Frank Lloyd Wright!

I have been trying to make it to the Rosenbaum house since June 2013.  It’s only a six hour drive, a perfect three day weekend distance.  This is how I finally got there.



Friday—South Carolina has called my name since a colt my family purchased was shipped to Elloree Training Center in September.  With a lot of recent and upcoming travel, I decided I would drive and bring Lucy (my dog) along so she wouldn’t be spending still more time at the kennel.  After spending several months anticipating this visit, I was very excited to finally meet this colt.  (Yes, we bought a horse without ever actually seeing him!) En route to South Carolina it was confirmed that on Monday we would have a horse (Follow the Kitten, a horse in which I own a small share) racing at The Fairgrounds in New Orleans and, of course, I would need to be there for that.   The Frank Lloyd Wrights of South Carolina would have to wait as I would have to high tail it out of SC to make it to NOLA for the race.

Avery Glenn, our two year old colt, is spending the winter training at Elloree Training Center in South Carolina.  We settled in our hotel the night before our visit to ETC just in time for an earthquake to shake South Carolina like a cup full of Yahtzee dice—not what I expected.


Saturday—The visit to ETC was a terrific!  I got to meet Avery Glenn for the first time and see how he is growing up and learning how to be a racehorse.  The folks at ETC are incredibly hospitable and furthered my horse racing/training education.  It is the kind of place where once you are there, you never want to leave.  Not long after departure from ETC, I began to realize that traveling with Lucy is very similar to traveling with a toddler.  By the time I made it to Atlanta, I wanted a drink and dogs can’t go to bars.

bellaSunday—We got in to New Orleans the night before the big race, walked Lucy a bit and indulged in some outdoor dining with Mr. Wine while snow fell and winter continued at home, a situation that always makes me feel like I am winning at something..  While out this night, I decided that I think Lucy is a city dog—not sure yet how I feel about this.


Monday—The race at The Fairgrounds was disappointing and my wallet is lighter still thanks to my failure to stop believing that my horses will do nothing but win.

Tuesday—The thought of more driving was nearly unbearable, so out came the Wright Finder to see if I could break up the drive back home.  My relief sigh when I confirmed that the Rosenbaum House in Florence, Alabama was smack dab in the middle of my return trip rustled a few tree leaves in Tuscaloosa upon release.  There was an early indication of specialness about the Rosenbaum house when I called on Tuesday in inquire about nearby kennels for Lucy while I was visiting the house.  The lady on the other end of the phone asked me as if I was out of my mind, “Why wouldn’t you just tie her up outside?”  Clearly this property was not being run by Yankees!

lucy rosenbaum

Wednesday—The Rosenbaum house is in the running for my favorite FLW.  The exterior has the horizontal lines that I love and the interior is one in which I could envision myself living very comfortably.  There is a southern friendliness at this FLW that made the visit more enjoyable than some of the other homes open to the public.  The tour guide at The Rosenbaum House made me feel like a welcomed and treasured guest instead of making me worry that I was likely to break some priceless piece of American architectural history.  I finished the tour, snapped some quick photos, grabbed Lucy and finished the long drive home.  I needed to catch a plane to Vegas at the crack of dawn on Friday.

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