FLW Fail in 3 of 4 LA Forays

I am disappointed to write that four trips to Los Angeles in the last fourteen months have yielded only two Frank Lloyd Wright viewings—absolutely pitiful.  The trips have been fun filled and full of excitement, but how I failed to fulfill my FrankFanatic goals is a mystery  Unfortunately most of the photos from three of these visits were lost when my phone died unexpectedly and un-backed up.

September 2012—Marina Del Ray for a weekend of sailing, flying trapeze and a side trip to Del Mar Race Track

May 2013—USC graduation, Caine’s Arcade, Hollywood Park (both closing forever this year) and departure for Leah’s graduation celebration in Maui

Caine’s Arcade is a cardboard arcade built by Caine Monroy in the storefront of his dad’s auto parts business and made famous by a fantastic short documentary.  The visit with Caine a few months before he closed the arcade was filled with laughter and conversation about his travels and the business of getting famous.  Caine’s perspective on just about everything makes a person smile.

I didn’t even attempt to blog about our trip to Maui because I knew it would end like trying to blog about London, which is still in my drafts box.  I can’t form the right descriptions, I just want to use a million exclamation points.  I also don’t understand how to condense those trips, the stories tend to be nearly as long as the adventures themselves.

July 2013—First apartment hunting for Leah, moving and a terrific night at the Hollywood Bowl for a Pink Martini show

November 2013—The Breeders’ Cup weekend and a private tour of the NBC/Universal lot


The shining FLW memory from these trips is an early morning departure from Marina Del Ray to see the Anderton Court Shops on Rodeo Drive while everyone else slept.  I have this photo only because I loved it enough to upload it and have a print made, the only FLW currently hanging in my home.  Rodeo Drive is a wonderful spot early on a Sunday morning when it is abandoned.  I had the place to myself and got what seemed like a big Frank Lloyd Wright hug within the exterior stairway of the building.  I followed up with a drive over to the Sturges house in Brentwood–gorgeous and unbelievable that it came from 1939–photos lost, so I will go back.

The other FLW moment, actually a non-moment, occurred while Leah was driving us in July post apartment hunting.  We were out visiting NBC Universal where she had just landed her first job.  I checked my WrightFinder app and excitedly announced that we were two miles from a Wright I had never seen.  She very quickly responded that we were two miles too far away to be seeing a Wright.

While we are remarkably alike in many ways, Leah does not share my passion for Frank Lloyd Wright nor is she an avid horse racing enthusiast.  Unlucky for her Los Angeles is full of Wrights and horse racing and often in my visit agenda—hopefully, both are an acquired taste.


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